Should church be comfortable?

  When my youngest daughter was little, she used to watch a kid's show called "The Big Comfy Couch." It always started with a woman, who was dressed like a little girl, sitting on a huge couch. I always wondered why a couch had to big in order to be comfy. My daughter loved it; I hated it, but like most dads, endured it. 

  I was reminded of that show today during lunch, when I ran into a Cavelander at the local Pizza Hut. This guy has been with us a long time. I have always had the utmost respect for him and his wife because they stuck with us when we went from a traditional to post-modern model, despite the fact they're from the older generation. During lunch he gave me one of the best compliments I have ever received about our church. He said, "You know Chad, Caveland Church isn't comfortable. It's not a church where you can come in and sit down and get comfy." I'm not sure he knew it was a compliment, but it was. 

  Over the years I have learned that comfort and challenge cannot exist in the same room. I have also learned that challenge pulls out the potential of our people. Our weekend services should be a place of worship, fellowship, and yes, they should also be a place where people are challenged to follow and obey Jesus. Some may argue that following Jesus isn't uncomfortable. Yet I remember the response Jesus gave to those who said, "Hey Jesus, we'll follow you!" Jesus said, "The birds have nest, the foxes have dens to sleep in, but the Son of Man has no where to rest his head." In other words, following Jesus isn't comfortable, matter of fact, it's kinda messy. 

  My prayer is that I'll never run into a Cavelander who says, "Man, Caveland is so comfortable!" Because where there is no challenge, there is no mission. 


  1. Right on Pastor. Iron sharpens Iron gives off heat! The edge will hold if tempered correctly.

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