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Growth Engine Principles

    At The Unstuck Group, we use the word growth engine to describe a ministry component that drives the vision and growth of the church. While working with churches, often different engines emerge, but there are a few that seem to always show up. Typically engines such as assimilation, small groups, leadership development or outreach always make it to the whiteboard. Growth engines help churches break through growth barriers.   Growth engines are vital for church growth. Imagine a brand new car, decked out with leather and all the extras, but with an old clunky engine under the hood. While the car may look good at first glance, cosmetics will not take us very far. Here are a few things we know to be true about engines Engines consist of many working parts, but should make one harmonious sound. When you hear something knocking, it's a sign that something needs repaired, retooled or replaced. Engines need both oil and water in order to operate efficiently. One is n

The M's of Discipleship

      There are churches across the country who tweet every Sunday about new people who trusted Jesus for the first time. Some of these churches also see a great number of baptisms. While it's great to see and hear about new people trusting Jesus as Savior, there seems to be a common struggle in the church. The struggle is getting those newly saved people to begin  following Jesus . Unfortunately, it is possible to see a lot of conversions, but little discipleship. What's the answer? Is it small groups? A good Bible study? The right assimilation? Or what about a healthy discipleship pathway?    Actually, there isn't one stand alone disciple-making engine; each of the mentioned pieces (and they're not the only pieces) can and does play an important role in making disciples. Yet I have discovered that strong small groups, good assimilation and even a healthy discipleship pathway need three things to be truly effective. I call these the M's of discipleship. Movem