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Is Strategy a Dirty Word in your Church?

Over the years, I have worked with many churches around the country, mostly in rural America with attendance under five hundred. I led a church in rural America for sixteen years, so I can identify (and often empathize) with the struggles that smaller churches deal with on a consistent basis. Each church, though unique, often struggle with the same things like,   dysfunctional autonomy, inward focus and weak (or missing) vision.  Despite the plethora of different struggles, there is a common bone of contention I see frequently; it is the lack of strategy. Some churches believe the word " strategy " belongs in the business world and has no place in church. Others fear systems or strategies would bring too much complexity and confusion to the church or take away from their church mission. Actually, strategy is biblical.   Strategy is BIBLICAL Of course, the gospel should be the heart of every church strategy. The gospel is the change agent; it is God's powder