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Three Giving Mistakes Churches Make

If a church is going to become intentional about reaching people for Jesus, there’s a few things that must be in place. The church must be welcoming to unchurched people; children’s ministry needs to be top notch and obviously there must be a clear gospel message. There’s something else that is critical as well, and that’s giving. It’s not a popular subject, but the reality is, it cost money to reach lost people. Taking an offering isn’t a strategy designed by the church; it's God’s strategy. Giving is meant to accomplish two things. First, it ensures God has our entire heart. Jesus said, “No one can worship God and money…” (Matthew 6:24). It’s no surprise that money often competes for our heart. Secondly, giving is God’s plan to finance the work of the gospel. Although scripture is clear about how Christians should handle money, many churches still struggle financially. In many cases, this isn’t the result of disobedient church members.
Here are three giving mistakes I often find …

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