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Why I changed my mind about church planting

Not long ago I spoke at the Sticks Conference in South Carolina. I had a great time hanging out with men like Artie Davis, Pete Wilson, Scott Williams, Dave Anderson, and Charles Hill, just to name a few. In addition to having amazing conversations with these guys, I also walked away with something else...a new vision about church planting. One night my wife and I were sitting in Artie's living room listening to him share his heart about reaching smaller towns. At first, I thought, "Why would anyone want to plant in smaller towns?" I mean, the people and resources are in the big cities and heavily populated areas; it would be nuts to plant in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere...or would it? My staff and I had originally planned on planting in Elizabethtown, KY, where there is a large population and an army base (Fort Knox). However, since my conversations with Artie, the Lord has been messing with my heart. Elizabethtown, and towns like them have enough &qu