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If you can GRILL, you can PREACH!

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking on the grill. My family has a joke about it because I always say it's a great night for the grill, despite the weather. When I grill, I know there are a few things that has to be done in order for my family to enjoy a nice steak; f ood has to be selected and prepared;  I have to spend time at the grill; and I have to know when to take it off and serve it. I believe the same is true for preaching.   Selection and Preparation : Much like my New York strips, sermons need to be prayerfully selected and prepared. I think it's a tragedy when preachers use everyone else's sermons instead of getting on their face before God, asking for a word from heaven. I'm not against borrowing sermon ideas or series ideas...but sermons need your uniqueness and so does your church. Some people borrow sermons and allow the Spirit to tweak it and make it a perfect fit for the people who gather on Sunday. Others borrow sermons because they're too l