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Prevent a Church Heart-Attack!

                 There's a lot of Sundays that I'll never forget; but there's one in particular that will always stand out. My wife and I just left the church and were on our way to grab lunch. Before we left the parking lot, my phone  rang; it was my mom. She informed me that my dad was having a heart-attack.         When we arrived at the hospital, the doctor said my dad's main artery was blocked; the outlook was grim. Immediately I called on my church family, pastors friends, and twitter friends for prayer. The end result was a miracle; the doctor said the blockage (that would not move) miraculously broke loose. He put a stint in and today my dad is going strong. I am grateful.         The Bible calls the church a body (1 Cor. 12) with Jesus as the head. The ministry of the church is her heart; and the enemy is constantly trying to slow down the flow that feeds it. He knows when a heart isn't receiving a healthy flow, it affects the overall body. W