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3 Changes Leaders Avoid Making

Why Small Churches Get Stuck: 3 Changes Leaders Avoid Making  0 BY  CHAD HUNT   ON JUNE 12, 2017 LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT I am fortunate to serve as a ministry consultant with  The Unstuck Group . Helping churches get unstuck is very fun and rewarding. I also serve as a coach, where I get the privilege to talk with pastors on a monthly basis to help them fight for healthy growth within their church. Although I work with churches of all shapes, sizes and flavors, they all have one thing in common:  t hey want to grow . It’s not uncommon for a client to ask, “How long will it take to see growth?” That’s a loaded question and one that I can’t answer with a number. The bigger question is:  h ow willing are you to lead change? It’s easy for people to get excited about growing a church, but when the change begins, it often brings more hesitation than excitement. I’ve learned something really important:  g rowth and change are synonymous . I remember when our youngest d

The Leader Vitality Wheel

There’s a reason you can find thousands of books, blogs and podcasts on leadership: Leading people is hard in  any  organization, and especially in the church. Many people believe preaching and teaching are your only duties. (These people obviously have never been involved in church leadership.) In addition to sharing God’s word, you deal with hurting people, broken marriages and other life crisis situations regularly. You have the complicated task of leading a combined workforce of paid staff and volunteers of all ages and many different giftings. During my 16 years as a lead pastor, I remember coming home from work completely empty countless times. Consistent exposure to life crisis and the everyday pressure of leading a church can rob pastors and leaders of their personal vitality. It’s like starving to death in a grocery store. You feed everyone but yourself. Vitality Myth :  If I take care of everybody else, God will take care of me. Vitality Fact :  I am