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Avoid the Summer Slump

 Momentum makes church exciting; it makes people excited. It's easy to see momentum building as churches approach big days. We saw this just a couple of months ago. Spring was in the air; Easter candy overtook the shelves at Wal-Mart; and people were inviting their friends and family to church in hopes of seeing their lives changed.  New faces showed up and there was a buzz in the air! It was as if the church drank a case of Red Bull!  Nearly  every church experiences this energy rush during big days like Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day and the first Sunday after New Year’s Day. Pastors live for these days...and then summer shows up.     Unfortunately the weeks after Easter usually don’t carry the same excitement. Most of the people who showed up for Easter don’t come back. Church people aren’t inviting people anymore because, well, Easter is over and the eggs have all been found.  Hot sunny days, vacations and the lake becomes our new competition.   It’s here that most pas