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The Power of Planning

It seems like every year there’s a new diet plan that's  guaranteed  to work. Whether it’s a new piece of exercise equipment, a bottle of pills or special meals shipped to your home, they all promise to make the pounds melt away (and usually with little effort). Regardless of the promotions and promises, there is really one basic truth when it comes to a healthy way to lose weight. Burn (or lessen) more calories than you consume. That’s it.  There is, from time to time, some new thing that promises instant  success in the world of church.  Some leaders  believe  if they can only find it, buy it or build it, growth will happen . Usually it's something along the lines of a new building, cool stage lights, adding staff or more money. However, much like losing weight, at the end of the day there is really only one healthy way to grow a church... and that is prayerful planning .  Sure, the other things help fuel growth, but prayerful planning is the core engine.   Her