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The Worst Condition a Church can be Found in...ask Jesus

    My favorite books of the Bible are the gospels. In them, we discover who God really is by looking at Jesus' life. When we see the heart of Jesus, we see the heart of the Almighty God. Jesus showed us compassion, mercy and truth. He also showed us things that made him of those things being the local temple.    The story begins with Jesus and the disciples entering Jerusalem. It was a very busy time, as the passover was being celebrated. People from all around were making their way into Jerusalem to offer sacrifices at the temple. Jesus went into the temple himself. The Bible says " After looking around carefully at everything, he left because it was late afternoon ..." (Mark 11:11). In other words, Jesus came in to inspect what was going on.     The next day is when the story gets interesting...even a little confusing. Jesus and the disciples got up that morning and was heading back to the temple. On the way, Jesus' stomach began to growl. Some