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Understanding Spiritual Surgery

I remember very vividly the day my sixteen year old daughter had her tonsils removed. I believe my wife and I were more nervous than she was. We sat in the hospital room, listening to the doctor explain the procedure, that ended with the promise of lots of ice cream. That morning, it seemed like the ultimate goal was to "get through this" and then everything would be ok. However, we learned very quickly the surgery was, in some ways, the easy part; the recovery room was where the most pain and anguish was experienced...pain that ice cream didn't seem to help.  This same principle is true when it comes to spiritual surgery. As a pastor, I have learned that God is always "cutting things" out of our lives that interfere with our relationship with him. Sometimes our surgeries are followed with little or no recovery, as if having a mole removed; like when God convicts us for being belligerent with someone. After repenting and offering an apology to the offended, h