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Taking SUCK out of Volunteerism

How many of you have heard (or said) this, "No one wants to volunteer for anything around here!" Or what about this one, "There's only a handful of people doing all the work!" I have heard and said both of these countless times over the years as a pastor; but what I've discovered is that low volunteerism was usually a lack of my own leadership.  Most of the time volunteerism issues really begin surfacing around the 150-250 mark. This is because churches of 100 people or less are usually very well connected with each other, so everyone jumps in and gets the job done. However, once you pass that threshold, things will change in your church, simply because everyone is no longer able to be connected to each other (which is why small groups are so important). Here's three SUCK factors that could be killing your volunteerism.   1.  Sign-up Sheets Suck...stop it : In a small church, sign-up rosters worked well; in a larger church, this just isn't