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Healthy Team Enviornment

Creating A Healthy Team Environment  0 BY  CHAD HUNT   ON JUNE 27, 2015 OTHER I am passionate about working with churches and leaders. I love watching light bulbs come on as pastors discover God’s plan for their churches. Even though I typically go in as the teacher, I seldom ever leave a church without learning something that helps me lead my own church better. Earlier this year, I had the privilege to work through the  StratOp Process  with  New Song Fellowship Church  in Valparaiso, Indiana. We spent the weekend together building a strategic plan to increase their Gospel impact. During the process, one thing really stood out to me: This church seemed to have an exceptionally healthy staff team environment. I sat and listened as each one was completely honest about what was working, what wasn’t and what needed to be fixed. While some of the conversations had the potential to hit a nerve, they never did because each person on the team was considerate and caring in the