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Launching an Additional Sunday Service

For a pastor, hardly anything is as exciting as seeing people fill the chairs on Sunday morning. Pastors and leaders love it when people have to l ook for a seat. While leaders get excited, guests don't, especially when they are looking a place where they can sit together as a family. When seating capacity consistently hits around seventy to eighty percent each week, something needs to be done. Usually there are three options:  1) Expand the current building 2) Start a new campus 3) Add an additional service Out of the three, adding a new service makes most sense, as it would take less time and money. However, that doesn't mean it should take less planning. There is a lot of value in having more than one Sunday gathering each week. In addition to utilizing your current space and facilities, it can create energy, momentum and gives people options. I have worked with churches who have done a superb job adding an additional service, while others not so

Confessions of a Conference Junkie

I try to attend at least two or three leadership conferences each year. There is a lot of value in hearing talented, gifted people share their stories and experiences. In addition to hearing great speakers, the conversations with other attendees are priceless. Some of my greatest learnings and takeaways have happened over a cup of coffee in-between sessions with like-minded leaders. Rewind several years ago and you could find me, not at two or three, but at several conferences throughout the year. I confess, I   was a conference junkie. I was at every conference that my time and budget allowed. If conference paraphernalia (pens, notebooks, lanyards, etc) are considered trophies, I had enough to fill two cases. One of the opening questions almost always asked at the beginning of each event was, “Are you ready to drink from a firehose over the next two days?” For a junkie like me, there was only one answer. Bring it. When the conference ended, I returned home and in a fe