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Opportunity on the Other Side

Every adversity comes with opportunity. In the recent weeks, we have seen our share of adversity; we have also seen people step up and embrace opportunities to help others. By the second week of March, the COVID-19 pandemic took every news station hostage and our world drastically changed. In what seemed like an instant, the entire world experienced a paradigm shift that no one, not even the oldest generation, has ever seen before.  The pandemic has pushed every church on the planet to a new place. Not a comfortable place, but certainly a place we have never been before.Recently,  The Unstuck Group surveyed more than 500 churches with 100 - 20,000 in attendance. Out of those churches, only half (mostly larger churches) offered an online worship experience.  Many churches (pre-Covid-19) didn’t see the value of a virtual worship experience. That same survey reported that almost every church is now streaming their weekend experience. Only 5% are not. Many churches that have be