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The Toxicity of Religion

Religion is toxic. It breeds sacred cows that weaken and sometimes completely paralyzes the mission of the gospel. The toxicity of religion infects people with self righteousness that results in church rules that aren't biblical. These kind of churches are very inward focused, protective of their traditions and will resist anyone who attempts to change them. They rarely see new people meet Jesus; actually they rarely see new people. Jesus constantly countered religion in the gospels while dealing with the Pharisees, as did the apostle Paul while planting churches. In today’s world, religion has resulted in churches designing rules and beliefs that cripple the objective to reach people with the gospel. Here’s just a few examples...and by the way, they are all unbiblical. You can’t serve or get involved in church until you become a church member You have to use a particular translation of the Bible Women are not allowed to serve in leadership You must be baptized into a par