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Building a Strategy for Church Re-Opening

I am hopeful (and cautiously optimistic) that we are on the other side of the pandemic. I am not sure how far on the other side, which makes me a bit anxious. 

Many churches have already re-opened. Some were opened too soon and without a plan. Others had a plan, but still resulted in a negative outcome. As a result, people became sick and died. You can read about a few of those churches here. 

After California Church defies state orders, 180 congregants are exposed to COVID-19

North California Church sees two Corona Virus Case after Second Gathering

Texas Church cancels Masses after death of Priest

Be prepared for a COVID-19 outbreak in your church

It would be foolish to think any church is exempt from this happening, regardless of planning. I can assure you, none of the churches mentioned above planned on seeing an outbreak in their church. 

Tony Morgan sent our team a memo yesterday saying, 

 "Business, universities and schools are developing plans if cases occur after they reopen. I&#…