Opportunity on the Other Side

Every adversity comes with opportunity. In the recent weeks, we have seen our share of adversity; we have also seen people step up and embrace opportunities to help others.

By the second week of March, the COVID-19 pandemic took every news station hostage and our world drastically changed. In what seemed like an instant, the entire world experienced a paradigm shift that no one, not even the oldest generation, has ever seen before. 

The pandemic has pushed every church on the planet to a new place. Not a comfortable place, but certainly a place we have never been before.Recently, The Unstuck Group surveyed more than 500 churches with 100 - 20,000 in attendance. Out of those churches, only half (mostly larger churches) offered an online worship experience. 

Many churches (pre-Covid-19) didn’t see the value of a virtual worship experience. That same survey reported that almost every church is now streaming their weekend experience. Only 5% are not. Many churches that have been change averse for years, suddenly found themselves navigating in uncharted waters. 

At the moment I am writing this, there are still a lot of unknowns in terms of what things will look like on the other side of the pandemic. But what we know is true is there will never be a “back to normal.” There will be a new normal. This new normal can be an opportunity for churches to capture momentum and see more impact than ever before. However, that will not happen if we sit on our hands and wait for all of this to be over. 

Your team needs to plan now, even if that means gathering virtually. Here are a few questions that can start the right conversation. 

  1. What must permanently change when you gather again (e.g. no longer passing offering buckets, improving the virtual experience, measuring online participation)? 

  1. What will your first “gathering in person” day look like? What will the message look like? How can you optimize that day (Create an international sermon series, #firstContactDay #WeGather, etc). 

  1. How can you create an on-ramp for people who engage in virtual church and groups to in person attendance? Remember, the Bible is clear that people connecting with other people (in person) will always be the win making disciples. 

  1. How can you make people feel safe? (socially distant seating for elderly, adding hand sanitizing stations, changing greeting behaviors, re-thinking child check-in practices or anything else where devices are touched my multiple people) 

  1. How will your church make an impact after the pandemic has ended? What opportunities are you sensing in your community or city? 

These are just a few questions that can help your team think forward. My hopes are that strategy and action plans will be the result from your conversations.  We need to remember, God isn’t trying to figure out what the next move is. He already knows the plan. We just have to prayerfully seek Him. 

Lastly, I want to remind you again that every adversity comes with an opportunity to shine for Jesus. Don’t miss your opportunity. It's there, right on the other side of this pandemic. 


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